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It is the beautiful part of Azerbaijan with a rich and ancient history. Sometime in the past this city (Kabbalah) was the capital of Caucasian Albania for 600 years. Up to this present time there are the ruins of the ancient city and the main gate of Caucasian Albania. There is ​​a great number of historical and cultural monuments of different eras in this region. Beautiful nature and well developed infrastructure attract thousands of tourists to Gabala. Here are a few five star complexes, small family hotels, recreation areas and tourist camps. Among the local attractions there are the so called Russian forest, river valleys, the famous Chestnut forest, and numerous picturesque villages. There is Nij village inhabited by Udi, direct descendants of the ancient Caucasian Albanians. The abundance of game in the woods in the season attracts many hunters. In Gabala at the area of 16 hectares is located the largest open air amusement park in Azerbaijan – Gabaland. The town also hosts an annual International Music Festival of classical music, jazz and mugham, which is attended by bands and artists from all around the world. Not surprisingly that exactly in Gabala is located a factory on piano manufacturing under the famous Dutch brand Beltman.

QafqaZ Riverside Resort Hotel is a five star luxurious hotel located at the foothills of the Caucasus on the bank of the river Damiraparan. The hotel has 164 modern and spacious guest rooms and nice cottages ideally suited for long weekends with friends and family. The QafqaZ Riverside Resort Hotel has a stylish restaurant with a wonderful view. The food in the hotel may meet any requiremets of our guests.

QafqaZ Resort Hotel is an amazing five star hotel with outstanding activity complex located at the foot of the Caucasian Mountains in Gabala. The hotel has 114 modern and spacious guest rooms and well-designed cottages ideally suited for a long weekends with friends and family.

QafqaZ Thermal & Spa Hotel is a four star hotel located in the authentic village of Yengija which is famous for its healthy and mineral rich natural waters and springs on the outskirts of Gabala. The hotel has 61 stylish, modern and spacious guest rooms where one can relax after spending a day at spa, wellness, massage or sports facilities. The hotel has Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms, Junior Suites and De Lux Suites. The QafqaZ Thermal & Spa Hotel have a stylish restaurant and bar & lounge which may satisfy any guest.

Qafqaz Tufandag Hotel - welcomes you with its charming nature, Eastern hospitality and lovely atmosphere. The hotel is located at the foot of the Caucasus mountains, on the bank of the river Demiraparanchay. You will enjoy the lap of nature with dazzling beauty of emerald green forests and spectacular snowcapped mountains. The distance between the city centre of Baku and the hotel is 225 km and 20 km from the Qabala international airport.

The luxurious Chenot Palace in Gabala, is a destination "Health Wellness Hotel" that has been built exclusively to support the eminent Chenot preventive and wellness programmes. The whole structure is entirely dedicated to promote health and wellness and is being designed to accommodate a state of the art medical spa facility of 6000 m2. Here, every single guest will receive the Chenot medical and spa treatments, the checkups, the diet, and all within a luxury facility.

Advanced medical aesthetic treatments are also available, a top class metabolic laboratory, a cryo-chamber at -110°C, antigravity technologies and an altitude chamber for physical wellness. The intention is to detox and refresh the body and the mind. This will transform even a short rest period into a re-energising stay.