You can write a book that collects interesting facts about Italy ⠀
There are no children homes in Italy ⠀
There are no homeless animals in Italy ⠀
80% of Sicily and Calabria's businessmen pay mafia

Facts that need not be proven ⠀
⠀ Italian is the Greek word italios (calf)
Syracuse, on the island of Sicily, was once the largest Greek city
Italy is in the fourth place in terms of number of tourists. Every year more than 40 million tourists come here
Science and Culture ⠀
The oldest university in the country is the University of Bologna. It was created in 1088. ⠀
The world's oldest bank Monte di Sisena is located in Italy. It was founded in 1472. ⠀
Mechanical watches, barometers, thermometers, bottles and phones were invented by the Italians
The world's first cinematograph festival has been held in Italy since 1932. ⠀
Also look at the information about the Pizza tower ⠀
The Pisa Tower is located in Pisa, Italy, and is considered one of the most magnificent buildings of the Middle Ages. This tower is called "falling" tower. Even though the tower of the Pisa is "not falling," it is already a miracle. The lowest part of the tower is 55.86 meters high, and the highest point is 56.7 meters. The height of the walls was 4.09 meters and the direction was up to 2.48 meters. Its total mass is 14,453 tonnes. The bending curve is 3.97 °. 3.9 meters away from the vertical position. There are also 294 stairs of the tower.

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