Cano Cristales River, known as the "5 Color River", in the Sierra de la Macarena region of Colombia, is also known as the "river towards heaven" and the "world's finest river." ⠀

Most of the time of the year is different from other rivers, with green grass and gray water. However, each year, for tea, for a short time, flower opens and combines all the colors of the rainbow.

During the rainy season of Colombia, the river's water flow faster and deeper, making the river bottom darker. In this case, algae in the tea can not get the sunlight they need

During dry season, there is no water to feed on the tea. However, there is a season between the rainy season and the dry season that the water level is exactly what it needs to be, with some species of algae demonstrating a perfect color diversity. Thousands of tones of blue, green, black, red and pink cover over the river.

The Cano Cristales River is 20 meters long and 100 kilometers in length. There is no road near Canon Cristales River, so it is horses with tourists who want to see the river.

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