For traveling or business travelers, "travel insurance" has become one of the usual terms. But few people know what travel insurance is and how much attention should be paid during the insurance period

Insurance is almost always required in all situations where your health is in danger ⠀

Travel insurance includes: ⠀

Medical risks (diseases, injuries, etc.) ⠀
Doctor's arrival at the victim; ⠀
Counseling, inpatient treatment, intensive care; ⠀
Carrying out transportation costs according to the physician's statements; ⠀
Compensation during carriage delay; ⠀
Compensation when luggage loses or becomes unusable; ⠀
Initial legal advice ⠀
How does an insurance company operate when an insurance event occurs? ⠀

When an insurance event occurs, it is necessary to establish an emergency connection with the numbers mentioned in your insurance certificate. The operator will listen to your request and provide detailed information according to the event. If there is a need for acute maltreatment, the injured person may be immediately hospitalized or the doctor may be immediately sent to the injured person.

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