The Vatican City-State was founded on the basis of the Lateran Treaty, which was signed on June 7, 1929. The area is 44 hectares and its population is only 830 people. The capital city is Vatican City. It has all state attributes and maintains diplomatic relations with most countries in the world. It is the only European state that is not a member of the United Nations. The Vatican is guarded by a Swiss Guard of 134 people. Annually more than 17 million tourists and pilgrims visit this area. You can be one of them ... ⠀

Cuisine ⠀
What is the cuisine of the Vatican, whose history is of great interest? Naturally, most of the cuisine of this country is Italian restorations. Everyone knows that Italian cuisine is very popular with dough, cheese, vegetables and olive oil. Even Italy is one of the rare countries in the world, preserving its ancient recipes and leading to a modern era. Even some of the dishes are still protected from the era of the Pun Wars. But that does not mean that Vatican has no own food! ⠀

It forms part of the Vatican cuisine culture. In this small country, special restaurants for pilgrims and tourists have been built and a "church" has been compiled. Here is a cocktail called "Korretto" or "Turkish coffee". This coffee is served to customers in small bowls, plenty of sugar powder.

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