We recommend going to the best places we have here while in town
Burj Khalifa. Spectacular Dubai ⠀

Discover the uniqueness of the highlights. The world's tallest tower is a key part of Dubai, but it's best to look inside or closer to seeing the real beauty of this building.

Dubai Mall. Receiver paradise ⠀

Burj Khalifa is located right next to Dubay Mall. Just calling this giant venue as a place of shopping would ignore it. Even if you spend a day here, it will not be enough to see everything

Dubai Fountain. A spectacular show

Witness Water Dance at Downtown Dubai-In. ⠀
Dubai Fountain is the world's largest choreographic fountain system at the bottom of the Mourshshah Burj Khalifa and at the gates of the famous and Dubai Mall. ⠀

Palm Jumeirah - a palm-shaped island

Explore one of Dubai's architectural pearls ⠀

Palma-shaped, man-made islanders - say "it's just in Dubai". Palm Jumeirah is one of the world's largest artificial islands, the triumph of the human race
⠀ ⠀
Gulf of Dubai. Ancient shopping routes ⠀

Kite Beach. Beach in Dubai neighborhood ⠀

Follow the waves on this adventurous sand. Kite Beach is a great place for you to test your own water sports skills, but there's plenty of water out there too.

Dubai Marina. A magnificent city view

Walking along the shore of the city skyscrapers. Watch one of the world's tallest buildings as you walk along the Dubai Marina Walk, or dance to Dubai Marinah after sailing in the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.
Desert. Magnificent landscape ⠀

Discover the deserts of Dubai. Within 20 minutes of modern streets in the center of Dubai, you can get acquainted with Arabian desert mosaics, the first in Dubai tourist attraction. ⠀

Dubai Channel. On the water ⠀

Take a trip along Dubai's newest channel. Dubai Water Channel is a 3.2 km long water channel from the Gulf of Ancient Dubai to the Gulf of Arabia through the Gulf of the Arabian Gulf. ⠀

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