Show a person that you do not want to travel, travel around the world. Moreover, the country's tradition, architecture and, most importantly, are interesting for a national cuisine. At this point, we wanted to be a kind of guide. Buddha's homeland, Sri Lanka, is so beautiful and mysterious that you want to rush everywhere at once.
Ratnapura is considered to be the most valuable place in the world and Sri Lanka. The palace built here in the Middle Ages, decorated with emerald, ruby, amethyst, and topaz, depicts the man's eyes without entering the city. In Ratnapur, tourists are also allowed to visit the plants where precious stones are processed. Rainy forest SINHARACA, the submarine of the sea angel, is the roof of Unavatuna, and the King's botanical garden of Sri Lanka. Kitchen
In the meals, more fish, greens and spices are used. Sri Lanka cuisine is a true find for those who love it. All meals are served next to sauce. Be sure to taste sauce, sardine, red and black pepper sauce. It is also served with seafood dishes. One of the most delicious dishes is "umbalakada". The coconut, the coconut juice and the oil, the food and the taste are strange, though it is pleasant. In Sri Lanka the most expensive dishes are cooked from snakes, monkeys, lizards, crocodiles and turtle meat. Alcoholic beverages are sold at all markets. But when the moon is over, you can not drink and drink. On the same day, those who drink alcoholic beverages are punished. Do not forget
Tourists can not afford to bring more than $ 10,000 to the country. Any item you would like to import from the country should not be more than $ 250.

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